Factory Inauguration of Peisun Chemical Co., Ltd.
During 2016, Peisun Chemical Co., Ltd. initiated the construction of the new factory in the western district of Changhua Coastal Industrial Park. The factory is named “Changpin Factory, Peisun Chemical Co., Ltd.”, covering a total of 20,114 m2, while the buildings sits on 5,025 m2. In regards with its capacity, the factory produces 500 ton/month of water-based products and 2,000 ton/month of oil-based products, rendering an annual capacity of 30,000 tons of products.
With the integration of the self-developed digital process control system, the quality of our products is elevated and stabilized through the optimized SOPs and semi-automatic controls. The data of procurement, sales, and inventory is also effectively monitored, so as to make continuous improvements.
In regards with occupational safety and health, environmental protection, fire safety, and hazardous materials management, and all our works are executed according to law, which is our most important design considerations. Through risk management and strong self-regulation, we remain committed to our customers, who are assured and support our products continuously, achieving the goal of sustainable operations.