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Inhibit the corrosion of steel.
Protect material、reduce material corrosion.
Pickling Corrosion Inhibitor-HIBIRON
 Prevention of the over corrosion in sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid process for removing steel oxide during the pickling process.

Prevention for steel to leach during pickling

The primary effect of Pickling Corrosion Inhibitor is to prevent the steel from leaching during the process of pickling. Thus, by adding Pickling Corrosion Inhibitor, it will make a greater effect in preventing steels from leaching in pickling than no-add process.

Improvement of the working environment during the process of pickling

Gas bubbles generated during the pickling operation burst on the acid surface and turn into small particles emitted into the air. Although hydrogen is odorless, it scatters acid when it is being emitted into the atmosphere. Therefore, if Pickling Corrosion Inhibitor is added, it can inhibit the generation of hydrogen gas. Thus, the mist of the acid generated does not scatter.  Also there will be no odors.

Improvement of the surface finish

Without adding HIBIRON, the surface of steels will be corroded as time elapse, and the surface becomes very rough. However, by adding HIBIRON, the surface will have a white appearance and be very smooth.

Inhibition in generation of hydrogen gas during pickling

From the equation Fe+H2SO4=FeSO4+H2, we can apparently tell that iron leaching and acid consumption are proportional during the pickling process. If HIBIRON is added, the corrosion in iron will be suppressed. Thus, the consumption in acid will be less.


Test Pictures

    Results with HIBIRON
No Addition WithHIBIRON Before PicklingAfter Pickling
Surface roughness becomes stabilized when HIBIRON is added.

If HIBIRON is not added, corrosion will be generated over time and the surface will become rough.
 No AdditionWith HIBIRON
Chemical Cleaning Corrosion Inhibitor-HIBIRON
 Prevention of the occurrence of the corrosion while using organic acid to clean up the inside of steel tubes.
Reduce steels corrosion
Improvement in efficiency
Oxide Rejecting Promoter-SUNSPEED

SUNSPEED raises up the speed of rejecting the oxidation during the pickling process

SUNSPEED promotes the speed of pickling stainless steels,bearing steels,alloy steels and hard materials.
 Decreasing the time of pickling.(faster 20~30%)